Tunes From Tarrytown is a compilation album featuring songs throughout Jay Jay the Jet Plane. 22 tracks were featured, including the theme song.


No. Title Performer Length
1 Jay Jay the Jet Plane Theme Song Parachute Express 0:49
2 Digadeezip Jay Jay, Tracy and Herky 1:32
3 Following the Leader Snuffy and Tracy 1:54
4 I'm Being Followed By The Moon Snuffy 2:10
5 The Truth About Losing a Tooth Jay Jay, Snuffy and Tracy 2:12
6 Bubble Gum Friend Snuffy 1:59
7 I Love Your Funny Face Jay Jay, Tracy and Herky 1:39
8 Together Is a Better Way to Be Jay Jay and Tracy 1:47
9 Where Does the Music Come From? Tracy 1:56
10 Dancing Shoes Stephen Michael Schwartz, with Eve Whittle 2:38
11 Wing Wigglin' Jay Jay 1:50
12 I'm a Speedy Guy Jay Jay 2:11
13 Make My Day Tuffy 1:59
14 My Rainbow World Snuffy 2:41
15 Fun Plus One Jay Jay 2:07
16 You Are Unique Big Jake and Snuffy 1:48
17 The Counting Game Jay Jay, Tracy and Herky 1:58
18 Switch Around Day Savannah and Herky 1:37
19 Color Me a Rainbow Jay Jay and Snuffy 1:46
20 Your Very Own Star Big Jake 2:10
21 Imagination Celebration Jay Jay, Snuffy, Tracy and Herky 2:23
22 Jay Jay the Jet Plane Theme Song (instrumental) Parachute Express 1:37