Tuffy is a blue and red towtruck. And is the Cousin of Revvin' Evan. She is full of confidence, and she never gives up, no matter how heavy her load might

Tuffy the Towtruck

be. No matter what problem confronts her, she is always ready to tackle it. Tuffy is Revvin' Evan's cousin and it's easy to see how an overwhelming abundance of energy and drive run in the family. But, because of her diminutive size, she actually has a lot of trouble towing things like planes and trucks -- anything bigger than she is, but that doesn't stop her from trying. In fact Tuffy's trademark phrase is "Just let me try it one more time!"


  • She has a speech inpendment, which might imply she's a little younger than Snuffy. In fact, they have the same voice actor, Marie Danielle (and Tracy too)