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  • Type: Jet Plane
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 6
  • Voice Actress: Sandy Fox

Tracy is a small purple and yellow jet airliner and the deuteragonist of the Jay Jay The Jet Plane franchise. She is Jay Jay's best friend and female counterpart. She has Normal hearing, but understands American Sign Language.


Jay Jay's best friend (and female counterpart) is Tracy, a young girl jet (also about six years-old and in first grade), who is just as spunky and inquisitive as Jay Jay. Tracy is truly gifted as a flyer, having already competed in flying contests against the very best in her age group. She is also good at understanding the American Sign Language. Articulate and funny, she is rapidly developing grace and style to go along with her considerable talents.


She appears to be based on an Airbus A318, like her best friend.


Tracy is tan-skinned with medium brown eyes and lipstick. She is painted lavender/magenta with a lighter lower half, and has two yellow stripes on either side of her roof. Her jets are red and outlined with yellow rings. Her wheels are white and partially hidden by semicircular wheel flaps. In the model series, Tracy's face was light skinned, her paintwork was violet and she had similar black wheels to Jay Jay's.




  • Whenever Tracy was present in the Model Series & main series, the flute was played.
  • In the early episodes, her voice is deeper and she sounded older, while since then, her voice becomes more high-pitched and whiny and she sounded more younger to match her young age
  • When voiced by Sandy Fox (credited as Marie Danielle), she sounds very much like Lilly from LeapFrog, just like how Tad sounds like Jay Jay