The Tarrytown Sky Parade

Episode "Old Oscar Leads the Parade"
Genre March
Sung by Old Oscar
Jay Jay
Big Jake
Lyrics by Stephen Michael Schwartz
Arranged and Produced by Craig Dobbin
Brian Mann
Length 0:47

"The Tarrytown Sky Parade" is a song from "Old Oscar Leads the Parade". It's sung by Jay Jay and his friends as they fly in the Tarrytown Sky Parade, led by Old Oscar.

This song serves as the eighth track of Disk 1 on the album "Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Musical Parade", under the title "Tarrytown Parade", and is also the seventeenth track on the "Sing Along Songs" cassette.


Old Oscar: Find your spot!
Herky: Right here!
Old Oscar: Ready or not?
Jay Jay: Ready!
Old Oscar: Once a year...
Tracy: Oh, boy!
Old Oscar: We're here...
Tracy: With joy!
Old Oscar: To show 'em what we've got!

We're on parade...
Others: We're on parade!
Old Oscar: A sky parade...
Others: A sky parade!
All: A Tarrytown spectacular,
With all the friends we've made.
Old Oscar: Fantastic sights...
Others: Fantastic sights!
Old Oscar: And dizzying heights...
Others: And dizzying heights,
All: In the Tarrytown Sky Parade!

Old Oscar: Our nose is up...
Others: Our nose is up!
Old Oscar: Our wings are down...
Others: Our wings are down!
All: You can hear the people cheering us,
All around the town.
Old Oscar: We hear them say...
Others: We hear them say...
Old Oscar: Hip, hip, hooray!
Others: Hip, hip, hooray!
All: In the Tarrytown Sky...
Because we love to fly,
We're in the Tarrytown Sky Parade!


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