Colr pbox snuffy
  • Type: Monoplane
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4

Snuffy is a small green monoplane. He Is equipped for skywriting. In episode's consistency (which depends on the order), one episode says he has not flown further away from Tarrytown than Lightning Bug Lake, but other episodes show him fly much further; In Gumpy O'Malley, it's revealed he gets shy easily, but in many other episodes he shows no sign of shyness.


Snuffy is the youngest plane of the group and his specialty is skywriting. He's always plagued with sniffles (sometimes from all the smoke that he produces) and when he speaks, he sounds stuffed-up. But even so, the gentle warmth and compassion in his heart always come through. And since Snuffy is experiencing most things for the first time, he's a little cautious and sometimes his fear of new things gets the best of him. But, he manages to overcome his fears and move forward to the next challenge. When Debi Derryberry joined the series when Snuffy didn't know something he asked Jay Jay and Jay Jay would describe the thing to him.


Snuffy is a cute skywriting monoplane who is light pale-skinned, has medium blue eyes and buck teeth. He is painted yellow-green with yellow patches on either side, and thin yellow stripes on his landing gear. His propeller is wooden with a red center. His wheels are black with dark grey hubcaps.



  • Snuffy's model version was a little different. Snuffy has an entirely black propeller while CGI has a wood propeller with a red tip & CGI Snuffy had a targeter on his head while the model Snuffy doesn't also in the model version Snuffy was seen with regular teeth while in the CGI Snuffy had buck teeth and finally in the model version Snuffy sounded a bit older while CGI Snuffy sounded younger.
  • Spring flowers make Snuffy sick.
  • On the Jay Jay kiddie ride, he appeared on the button saying "Wowee! You're the best!". Also, Fun 2 Learn also made him as a kiddie ride. Features 4 buttons with pictures of Snuffy. The buttons on him are A (for airport), B (for Brenda Blue), C (for cloud) and a circle button that reads "Snuffy the skywriter". When you press the circle button, Snuffy says "Wingariffic!" and makes plane noises.
  • Snuffy is voiced by Sandy Fox in the series, who also voiced Tracy and Tuffy as well.
  • Whenever Snuffy was present in the Model Series, the saxophone was played.