Revvin' Evan is a red fire engine. And is the Cousin of Tuffy. Excitable by nature, he's the type of truck that is always there to lend a hand if someone needs help. He has an overabundance of energy and has the ability to always be on the move, wheels churning up dust in his wake. Even though Revvin' Evan doesn't fly, his engine makes him move so fast that he almost seems to have wings. He is happy to be a truck with lots of truck-like accessories and abilities (sirens, lights, etc.).

Revvin Evan


  • While the model series had no vehicles aside from the Fuel Truck and the Baggage Trolley, in the CGI series Evan was the first Vehicle character on the show
  • Whenever he's present, the electric guitar is played
  • His voice sounds a lot like Nick Dean from Jimmy Neutron