"Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Musical Parade" is a 2-disk compilation album featuring songs throughout Jay Jay the Jet Plane. It features 30 tracks, 15 on each disk, with 20 from the show and the remaining 10 being famous nursery rhymes.


Disk 1

No. Title Performer
1 Amazing Blazing Light Parade Jay Jay and Snuffy
2 At The Fair Herky , Jay Jay, Tracy and Snuffy
3 Here We Go Luby Loo
4 The Opposite Game Jay Jay, Herky and Snuffy
5 Candy Crazy Tracy, Jay Jay and Snuffy
6 Big Rock Mountain
7 Up Is Up Jay Jay and Snuffy
8 Tarrytown Parade Old Oscar, Jay Jay, Tracy, Snuffy, Herky, Savannah and Big Jake
9 Twinkle, Twinkle
10 Hero Herky


11 Watch and Listen

Jay Jay and Tracy

12 You Are a Rainbow
13 I'm Revvin' Evan Revvin' Evan and Jay Jay
14 My Baby Tree Tracy
15 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

Disk 2

No. Title Performer
1 Jay Jay the Jet Plane Theme Song Parachute Express
2 Amelia Tracy
3 This Little Light of Mine
4 Breezy Jay Jay
5 Clean It Up Jay Jay, Snuffy and Tracy
6 The Green Grass Grows
7 My Snuggly Wuggly One Tracy
8 I Wanna Be With You Jay Jay and Big Jake
9 Say, Say Oh Playmate
10 That's What I'll Do Snuffy
11 Too Many Herky
12 Hey Diddle Diddle
13 In The Record Book Jay Jay, Tracy and Herky
14 The Very Merry Michael O. Tarry School Jay Jay and Tracy
15 If You're Happy and You Know It