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After seeing a dinosaur movie, Jay Jay, Tracy and Herky decide to go on a hunt for a real-live dinosaur. When they spot mysterious footprints at the airport, they are convinced they're dinosaur footprints until learning the true nature about the dinosaurs' true life.



Jay Jay: Look at me! Rawrar, I'm King of the Dinosaurs!

Tracy: Screech! Screech! I'm the one with a big head like a hammer and wings like a bat, the one that flies!

Herky: Arrarar! I'mmthe one with three horns!
Jay Jay: (singing) ♪ But have no fear, what we have here is a friendly dinosaur. ♪

Herky: Are you sure, Jay Jay?

Jay Jay: Sure, I'm sure!


  • Snuffy doesn't appear in this episode, while Brenda doesn't appear but was mentioned.
  • The dinosaurs Jay Jay, Tracy and Herky pretend to be are:
    • Jay Jay: Tyrannosaurus Rex ("King of the Dinosaurs")
    • Tracy: Pterodactyl ("The one with a big head like a hammer and wings like a bat, the one that flies")
    • Herky: Triceratops ("The one with three horns")
  • Moral: Although dinosaurs don’t exist anymore, the birds are their offspring, and keep their legacy alive.

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