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Big Jake was making up his flight when the Pilot told him to head home and the No. 2 Engine sputtering and throbbing. Back at the ground, He was cleaned by a mechanic named Brenda Blue.


  • This episode centers mostly around Jay Jay.
  • A reference from the upcoming episode: Old Oscar Steals the Show is mentioned, as Big Jake will let Jay fly stunt with him next month.


  • Pilot: "Better head back, Jake. Don't like the sound of that Number 2 Engine.
  • Jay Jay: "Ooh, how pleasant it is to fly at night!
  • Herky: "Don't you guess yeah I guess there it is!!!"
  • Herky: "I kn-know JUST what to do! I-I know JUST what to do! L-L-L-L-Leave it to me, guys!!!"


Jay Jay the Jet Plane Model Series

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