Brenda Blue in live-action


Brenda Blue in model form

Brenda Blue is a women in bib overall and usually wears either red or blue cap. She is In charge of the airport, and is the mechanic. She does not use the airport's contol tower but communicates with the planes by a portable two-way radio from the ground. She is Played by Eve Whittle and Vanessa Stacey in the UK version.


  • There are differences to the Live Action Brenda & Model Brenda the Live Action Brenda is more like a major character in the CGI show & makes more appearances in the show like she owns the airfield instead of EZ O' Malley while the Model Brenda is more a minor character being seen in 7 episodes in 4 episodes she has speaking roles while in the others she's mostly standing around
  • Whenever Brenda was present in the model series, the xylophone was played.
  • Whenever she's present in the main series, the bass is played


  • In The Red Cap for Episode 1,3 and 24, this 2001 Lots of Episodes
  • In The Blue Cap for Episode 2, 3, 4 and 24


Vanessa Stacey in Jay Jay The Jet Plane

Vanessa Stacey in Jay Jay The Jet Plane

A Video Of Brenda Blue Starring British Actor, Vanessa Stacy.